Since the last update in May 2018, Nestlé’s U.S. project teams have been steadily introducing new and improved process, technology and organization changes as part of the Nestlé Business Excellence (NBE) transformation. Recent highlights include: the go-live of the largest Order to Cash transformation within Nestlé globally, the launch of a new Source to Pay online purchasing catalog and tool, and the introduction of standardized employment policies across our market. In addition, the Idea to Launch team is preparing to introduce the speed and impact of our Innovation and Renovation process, and the Plan to Execute project is now back in action following a period of plan refinement.


Check out these updates below to catch up on our market’s progress over the past quarter.



From Customer Order to
Invoice Payment

What’s New?

On September 4, 2018, the Nestlé US16 companies* celebrated the first of three go-live waves in which select O2C activities transition from their current Customer Service Centers (CSCs) to a network of U.S. and global shared service centers, including the new Business Service Center (BSC) in Solon, OH.

In June, NWNA, which includes Nestlé Waters U.S. and Nestlé Waters Canada, began planning for the transition to new O2C ways of working in support of the NWNA Retail organization. Note: there will be no impact on the NWNA Ready Refresh organization. During the week of September 4, employees in the current Coppell, TX and Guelph, Ontario, Canada customer service centers learned how the O2C changes will affect their roles and how the company will support impacted employees throughout this transformation.

All employees whose roles were impacted by these changes have been notified, and we are currently supporting their transitions.

Finally, in early August, the Nestlé Purina PetCare (NPPC) O2C team held their first project meeting, which signals the start of a long planning process leading to their O2C transformation, which is currently planned for mid-2019.


What’s Next?

Following the May acquisition of the Starbucks Consumer Packaged Goods and foodservice business, the US16 O2C team is evaluating how to accelerate the Starbucks business into the O2C model. The team will share an update in the coming weeks.
*Nestlé Health Science, Nestlé Nutrition, Nestlé Professional and Nestlé USA


From Sourcing Materials and Services to Paying Vendors

What’s New?

In July, the S2P team introduced a common Competitive Bidding Policy for Nestlé in the USA (NiM USA) category. The team also started rolling out a new purchasing tool called EasyBuy, which is linked to an online catalog. This new process of purchasing Services & Indirect Materials will drive compliance and help leverage our scale to secure more efficient pricing for these services and materials. EasyBuy is now live in the Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) Stamford office, and is being introduced this month to Nestlé Professional, Nestlé USA and R&D non-factory purchase requestors in Arlington, VA and Solon, OH. Click here to see the current rollout schedule for the remainder of the U.S. market through 2019.


What’s Next?

Nestlé is simplifying and standardizing thousands of payment terms worldwide in the Vendor Master Data system, many of which are duplicates or represent the same payment term with different wording. The goal of this project is not to renegotiate payment terms, but rather to remove duplication within our current range of term offerings and simplify the process. By late-October, purchase order requesters, creators and approvers will no longer be able to use legacy payment terms and only the new standardized terms will be active.


From Attracting Talent to Enabling Employees on Their Nestlé Journey

What’s New?

In July, the H2R project team released the first bundle of eight harmonized policies and benefits across our market. In addition, the team introduced some necessary data infrastructure changes to enable Nestlé’s transition to “SuccessFactors – Employee Central,” a new global HR organization management system that will replace SAP HR and will help drive additional integrated technical solutions as H2R progresses. Although the U.S. transition to SuccessFactors – Employee Central is planned for mid-2020, our market needed to begin making changes now to align with the earlier implementation timing of other Nestlé markets.


What’s Next?

The H2R team will continue to support the roll out of new standardized global tools, including, but not limited to Employee Central, to help free up time for our HR teams so they can focus on business priorities. In Q4, they will also introduce the next bundle of aligned HR policies and benefits for our U.S. operating companies.


From Recording Transaction to
Financial and Performance Reporting

What’s New?

As follow up to the May 15, 2018 announcement of changes to Nestlé Business Services (NBS) North America Accounting Operations, the R2R team is preparing for the mid-September transfer of the remaining select Accounting Operations activities from our NBS office in Fremont, MI, to Nestlé’s Center of Scale in Manila, Philippines.


What’s Next?

The R2R team will deploy new technology to speed up the month-end close process within our Costing area. This technology will replace the existing COGS bolt-on process and provide better reporting around costs associated with both salaried and hourly employees. By November, NiM USA will activate new SAP functionality across the market that will more quickly reconcile accounts, thus allowing more time to analyze results and improve business performance.


From Innovative Product Ideas to Consumer Launch

What’s New?

In May, I2L team members from a variety of functions and all NiM USA OpCos participated in workshops designed to provide a high-level overview of our future, global ways of bringing innovation to market following the implementation of I2L, including streamlined project management processes, upgraded technology and new roles and responsibilities. The diverse range of participants helped to ensure proper consideration of our current ways of working across the many Innovation & Renovation (I&R) roles and within different U.S. businesses.

In the past several months, I2L team members from NPPC, NWNA and the remaining NiM have finalized plans to introduce process changes that will help us be more agile and flexible in moving our best I&R ideas through the pipeline faster.


What’s Next?

The I2L project team is currently in the process of In October, we will begin introducing changes to our I&R process in all Nestlé businesses around the world, and those changes will continue into Q2 2019. Employees that play a role in our I&R process flow will be invited to training sessions to help prepare them to work within the new I2L process and understand the new mindset required for accelerating our growth through better consumer experiences that are delivered faster and more efficiently. We will also introduce changes to the current NPDI system to streamline and simplify the tool and required checks. Click here to learn more about I2L.


From Strategic and Product Planning to Supplying Our Product

What’s New?

P2E’s vision is to help Nestlé become a demand-driven company. To successfully achieve this goal, P2E relies on identifying a technical solution to connect production planning to improved execution. The project had been in a holding pattern since late-2017 as the global P2E team researched a holistic technology solution to deliver P2E. The global effort is now ramping up again, now with a focus on improving each pillar of the production planning process: simplifying the monthly business planning process, adopting a strategic revenue management mindset, strengthening customer business planning activities, implementing pull planning, and providing and applying advanced analytics to make better business decisions.


What’s Next?

The global team is developing a project roadmap, which will be released toward the end of the year. In addition, rather than relying on one giant technical solution to meet P2E’s needs, the project team is now perusing a modular approach, identifying a solution for each P2E activity pillar. In fact, Nestlé USA Supply Chain leaders recently met with global P2E leaders in Solon, OH to share their experience with a variety of best-in-class technology platforms that may emerge as viable P2E solutions.



What is NBE?

Nestlé Business Excellence (NBE) is a global program designed to improve our business performance and make Nestlé a better place to work by enabling us to manage our business with speed and agility. Through the implementation of NBE, employees can expect a better quality of work life and the company will enjoy more marketplace wins.

NBE works by simplifying, standardizing and sharing work within six End-to-End (E2E) process flows, which are sets of connected processes representing how we do business at Nestlé: Order to Cash (O2C), Source to Pay (S2P), Hire to Retire (H2R), and Record to Report (R2R), Idea to Launch (I2L), and Plan to Execute (P2E).



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